Assembly guide for the FLEXIBEET raised bed

  • Make sure you take enough time to find the best place to position your raised bed. For example, does the sun shine in the area all day or does it fall under the shade of trees?

  • Consider the fact that a raised bed requires daily watering in the summer months. A water supply should be within easy reach.

  • You will need a spade and spirit level to help you make the selected area level so that the raised bed can then be positioned on top.

  • Once you have made the area level, place close-meshed wire netting, such as chicken wire, on the ground to protect against voles.

  • It is best for two people to assemble FLEXIBEET.

  • Each FLEXIBEET module has an interlocking structure with upwards and downwards pointing openings. To lock the modules together simply connect an upwards-pointing and a downwards-pointing interlocking structure.

  • Take a look at our video instructions on assembly

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